09 Feb Chris Jones(Victorian Secular Society)
“Warning: Religion is a Health Hazard”
09 Mar Bob Nixon(Australian Skeptics)“The Skeptics $100,000 Challenge is not a ‘Set-up':
It’s a Genuine Scientific Test”
13 Apr Graeme Lindenmayer (Author, Bonds of Belief)
“What Atheist’s Believe. What Agnostics Don’t Believe”
11 May Michael Barton(Existentialist Society)
“Wittgenstein’s Philosophy: The implications for Atheism”
8 Jun Robert Bender(Humanist Society of Victoria)
“C.S. Lewis and Miracles”
13 Jul James Gerrand(Australian Skeptics and Humanist Society of Victoria)
“Karl Popper’s Improper Science”
10 Aug Steven Higson(Philo Sophia )
“Rudolf Steiner: Fraud or Prophet”
14 Sep Silvio Bonazinga(Atheist Society)“Anarchy, State or Utopia: Night Thoughts on Liberalism”
12 Oct Norman Rothfield(Author)
“The Trial of God”
9 Nov Sean Dooley(Physicist)“Physics and Ultimate Reality”
14 Dec John Noack(Carl Jung Society )
“Medeival Counter-Christianity”