8 Feb Steve Colebrook(Australian Skeptics)
“Skepticism and Dogmatism”
14 Mar David Miller(Atheist Society and Existentialist Society)
“The Zoroastrian Reformation of the Proto-Vedic Religion,
as the Origin of the Major Concepts of Judeo-Christianity”
11 Apr Peter Cuffe (Synaethesia Performance Art Ensemble) – Comedy Festival Lecture“Ectopian Potentialism: Neo-Pagan Technophobic Anachronism or Nascent
Euthenically Orientated Eco-centric Civilization? “
9 May Dr Rod Foster (Anthropology, University of Melbourne)
“Evolutionary Psychology: Neo-Darwinian Socio-Biology”
13 Jun Dr Mark Newbrook(Linguistics, Monash University)
“The Tower of Babel: Evolution and Language”
11 Jul Dick Gross(Author)“The Godless Gospel”
8 Aug Dr Vera Butler(Australian International Studies Association)
“The Politics of ‘New Age’ Cults”
12 Sep Colin Goodwin(Victorian College of the Arts)
“Creative Atheism: The Philosophy of Samuel Alexander”
10 Oct Graeme Lindenmayer (Agnostic. Author of Beyond Belief)
“Monism and Dualism: A Case for the Existence of Spirit”
14 Nov Will Ross(Australian Church of Free Thought)
“Growth Through Reason”
5 Dec Prof. Jack Smart(Philosophy, ANU/Monash University)
“Science and Religion”