The Religious Challenge - Terms and Conditions:

This statement outlines the rules covering the Challenge. All applicants must agree to the rules set forth herein before any formal agreement can be entered into. Completing this form is mandatory; there are no exceptions to this rule.

Applicant will declare agreement by signing this form where indicated. Applicant must state clearly what is being claimed as the proof upon which they wish to be tested, and test protocols must be agreed upon by both parties before any testing will take place. All tests must be designed in such a way that the results are self-evident, so that no judging or voting process is required. We do not design the protocol independently of the applicant, who must provide clear guidelines so that the test(s) may be properly designed and carried out.

All applicants must clearly identify themselves properly before any discussion takes place. Applicants must supply John L Perkins with a proper postal mailing address, and an e-mail address – if one is available.

This offer is administered by John L Perkins, and no one may negotiate or make any changes. All correspondence must be written, and will be answered, in English. Upon properly completing this document and agreeing upon the test protocol, applicant will receive the application back, signed by John L Perkins. At that point, the applicant becomes eligible for the preliminary test, which, if successful, will result in the formal test.


I, John L Perkins will pay A$100,000 to any person who can demonstrate any that any religion is true. Religion, for the purpose of this challenge, entails the existence of a supernatural entity, and the doctrines that define the religion in terms of the supernatural entity or entities. Such proofs must take place under the following rules and limitations:

1. This is the primary and most important of these rules: Applicant must state clearly in advance, and applicant and John L Perkins will agree upon, what evidence will be provided, the limits of the proposed demonstration (so far as time, location and other variables are concerned) and what will constitute both a positive and a negative result.

2. Only an actual demonstration of the stated proof, within the agreed-upon limits, will be accepted. Accounts or records based solely on any religious text are not accepted nor considered.

3. We will consult competent technicians when an evaluation of the experimental design is required.

4. Applicant agrees that all data (photographic, recorded, written, etc.) gathered as a result of the setup, the protocol, and the actual testing, may be used freely by John L Perkins.

5. After an agreement is reached on the protocol, no part of the testing procedure may be changed in any way without the further agreement – in writing – of all parties concerned. John L Perkins will not interact with the materials used, nor with the protocol, unless specifically requested to do so by the applicant.

6. In all cases, applicant will be required to perform a preliminary test either before an appointed representative, if distance and time dictate that need, or in a location where a member or representative of John L Perkins can attend. This preliminary test is to determine if the applicant is likely to perform as promised during a formal test, using the agreed-upon protocol.

7. All of the applicant's expenses such as transportation, accommodation, materials, assistants, and/or all other costs for any persons or procedures incurred in pursuit of the reward, are the sole responsibility of the applicant. John L Perkins will not bear any of the costs.

8. When entering into this challenge, as far as this may be done by established legal statutes, the applicant surrenders any and all rights to legal action against John L Perkins and/or against any persons peripherally involved. This applies to injury, and/or accident, and/or any other damage of a physical and/or emotional nature, and/or financial and/or professional loss, and/or damage of any kind. However, this rule in no way affects the awarding of the prize, once it is properly won in accord with the protocol.

9. At the formal test, in advance, an independent person will be placed in charge of a cheque from John L Perkins for A$5,000. In the event that the claimant is successful under the agreed-upon terms and conditions, that cheque shall be immediately surrendered to the claimant, and within ten days John L Perkins will pay to the claimant the remainder of the reward, for a total of A$100,000.

10. Copies of this form are available free of charge to any qualified person who requests it, or it can be downloaded from the Internet, at this location.

11. This offer is made by John L Perkins, on the behalf of no other person, agency or organisation. Although others may become involved in the examination of claims and may add their reward money to the total in certain circumstances, John L Perkins will carry out the implementation and management of the challenge. John L Perkins will not entertain any demand that the prize money be deposited in escrow, displayed in cash, or otherwise produced in advance of the test being performed.

12. This offer is not open to any and all persons. Before being considered as an applicant, the person applying must satisfy two conditions: First, he/she must have a "religious profile", which means having been published, written about, or known to the public in regard to his/her religion and claimed proof. This can be established by producing published material that specifically addresses the person’s proof. Second, he/she must produce at least one signed document from an academic who has witnessed the proof, and will validate that these claims have been verified.

13. An applicant can be from or in any part of the world, and gender, age, race, and educational background are not factors for acceptance.

14. This prize will continue to be offered until it is awarded.


16. This signed form must be accompanied by a brief, two-paragraph description of what will constitute the proof. Upon a protocol being developed, that description may be extended.

PLEASE: Do not burden us with theology, philosophical theories, previous examples, anecdotal evidence or other comments! We are only interested in an actual demonstration of proof.

NOTE: No special rules, exceptions, conditions, standards, or favours will be granted without the mutual agreement of all those concerned – in advance. Any applicant who refuses to agree to meet the rules as outlined here, will not be considered to have ever been an applicant. Only complete agreement with these rules will allow the "applicant" to become a "claimant." Applicant, by signing, having witnessed and submitting this form, signifies agreement with all of the above rules. Be advised that you should conduct proper tests of your own to determine whether your proof is valid.

This application will be signed by John L Perkins and returned to the applicant by mail after a test protocol has been mutually agreed upon, and a test date and location have been determined.


Authorised pubic witness:


(signature of applicant)

Forward to:
The Religious Challenge, PO Box 6004, Melbourne, Vic.8008 Australia.

Note:Acknowledgement is given to James Randi and the James Randi Educational Foundation for providing a model for the drafting of these terms and conditions.


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